Ben Forman, who a senior solicitor, and Eleanor Ithell, who is a paralegal / graduate legal apprentice under Mr Forman’s supervision, can be called upon to assist with regard to Settlement Agreements (sometimes/previously referred to as Compromise Agreements) at this firm.

Ben Forman’s hourly rate is £200 plus VAT.

Eleanor Ithell’s hourly rate is £140 plus VAT.

All work is charged on a time spent basis.

If you are an employee:

We can advise and assist you as regards your settlement agreement and in particular ensure that you are made fully aware of its implications. We also often even negotiate changes in particular increased compensation if need be.

This firm’s estimated fees for advising you as regards the terms and effect of a compromise agreement, range from £250 to £1,000 plus VAT (with the precise amount due depending on the time spent at the relevant fee earner’s hourly rate). Your employer will usually pay or at least contribute towards these fees should agreement be reached.

If you require us to carry out extra work such as negotiating wholesale changes to the agreement, the cost of this may not covered by your employer’s contribution and you may therefore be required to meet the cost of any work carried out in this regard on your own (on a time spent basis at the relevant fee earner’s hourly rate in excess of any contribution made by your employer).

In the hopefully unlikely event that agreement cannot be reached or your employer does not pay, you will be responsible for this firm’s fees on your own (on a time spent basis at the fee earner’s hourly rate).

If you are an employer:

We can also be called upon to draft tailor-made Settlement Agreements from scratch for employers and provide advice and assistance in this regard. This firm’s estimated fees for drafting a tailor made Settlement Agreement range from £350 plus VAT (for a simple and straightforward agreement) to £2,000 plus VAT (for complex agreements). Again all work is carried out on a time spent basis

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