We can assist with regard to negotiating and formalising arrangements concerning children such as where they are to live, when they are to see the non-resident parent, where they are to go to school and so on. If it is not possible to reach an agreement concerning an issue, we can apply to the court for an appropriate Order. The Orders that can be made are as follows:

Residence Orders

A Residence Order determines with whom a child will live once separation is permanent. A residency order can be made in favour of one parent or can be shared between both parents, with a shared residency order specifying the periods of time a child lives with each parent.

Contact Orders

A Contact Order is an order which specifies when and for how long a non-resident parent will see a child.

Specific Issue Orders

It is appropriate to apply for a specific issue order if you require the court to make a decision about an important aspect of your child’s life. An application can be made if say there is a dispute about which school a child is to attend, which religion a child is to follow or a child’s surname.

Prohibited Steps Orders

A prohibited steps order is an order which prohibits a parent from taking a particular step in relation to a child out of the county without the consent of the other parent.

Should you wish to find out more as to how we may be able to assist, please send an email to info@formanlaw.co.ukor telephone us on 020 8655 8482.